Napkin Folding: An Elegant Embellishment to Your Florida Meeting, Resort Wedding or Special Event

A beautifully folded napkin is an elegant addition to any breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner event. Whether you’re hosting a corporate meeting or a Florida resort wedding, our banquet team can create the perfect atmosphere at any table with a variety of different napkin folding techniques.

Watch our napkin folding video below, and read on to see how you can incorporate an elegant napkin fold in any event at Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa.

Chinese Flower Fold

The Chinese Flower Fold is extremely difficult to master. It’s used mostly for banquet breakfasts and for our Thanksgiving buffet here at Hilton Sandestin Beach. This elegant fold is made to sit in a cup. Whether you’d like it to sit in a coffee mug or wine glass, the Chinese Flower Fold can be incorporated into any event setting.

Bird of Paradise Fold

This bold fold is a bit more formal and mostly used for dinner events. The Bird of Paradise can be displayed a few different ways on a table — inside a wine glass, or placed on a plate. It’s quite a tall fold, and pairs nicely with a large centerpiece and ornate dishes or chairs. This statement piece is perfect for an elegant dinner

Rose Bud Fold

Another formal fold is the Rose Bud. We use this fold for a variety of occasions, mostly formal. It’s a nice fold for a charity luncheon or a send off dinner at the end of a big, corporate meeting in Florida or industry conference. This fold can be done very quickly, and is an easy addition to any banquet table.

Rose Fold

The Rose Fold is the most formal of the folds. It’s very feminine and romantic. This technique is often used for our Florida resort weddings. The Rose Fold also makes an appearance at Mother’s Day events, couples retreats, and ladies brunches. Is a fairly quick fold for how elaborate it presents.