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Beach Olympics

A Fun Team Building Activity for Any Group

During your event at Hilton Sandestin Beach, our knowledgeable recreation staff can help you put together the perfect agenda full of fun team building activities. One of our most popular team games is Beach Olympics — suitable for any group, large or small.

If you’re interested in adding Beach Olympics to your group’s agenda, read below for more information:

Beach Olympics Overview

Beach Olympics consists of 5-10 rounds of relay games and other team building activities. Groups are divided into teams with equal amounts of participants (team size varies depending upon the size of your group). Events are completed in a round-robin style. As the name suggests, activities take place on…the beach

A member of the Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa Recreation Team will serve as master of ceremonies, moderating the event and explaining the rules to your group. Additional staff members will facilitate each individual event, and keep score.

Note: Games/activities, time and team sizes can all be customized based on your group’s unique needs.

Team Games

Our recreation staff will work with you to choose the best games for each round of Beach Olympics, that suit your group’s individual needs. Our most popular team games include:

  • Tug-o-War, Chain-link: Participants grab hands, must take a hula hoop, and move it from the first person to the last without using their hands.
  • Wheelbarrow Race: Participants team up. One person crawls while their teammate holds their feet. Making a wheelbarrow.
  • Server Strut: Participants must show us their balance. They are given a tray full of cups and bottles. They must make it to the finish line and back without losing anything from the tray.
  • Giant Ring Toss: A giant-sized version of old-fashioned ring toss. We use hula hoops as the rings, and set up various poles scattered about 20+ feet away from the tosser. To win, wrap the most hula hoops around the various rings by the end of the designated time.

Other fun team games include Sandblaster, Minute to Win It!, Mullet Toss, Landmines, and Interactives/Inflatables. Custom and new events may be added upon request.

For more information, please call our Sales and Event Planning Department at 850-267-9600 and dial extention 7600 or our Recreation Department at extension 3094.


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