The Secret to Choosing Your Scent: AromaStones

Breathe in Serenity by the sea Spa’s best-kept secret... essential oils.

Amongst our plethora of massages offered at Serenity our Aromastone Massage infuses the traditional Swedish Massage with heated river stones and a unique blend of essential oils. But with 5 different oils how do you choose just one? We sat down with Shanelle Lucas our Assistant Spa Director to breakdown each of our aromatherapy oils on a more personalized level.

Lavender is traditionally the most well known of all of the essential oils. It promotes relaxation and soothes nervous tension. This oil does great things for the skin such as reducing the appearance of scars and wrinkles. Lavender is a good choice for those beginning their journey with essential oils, someone who is looking to balance the body and relieve tension.

Eucalyptus is one of the most familiar essential oils for its use in helping with respiration. It stimulates healthy circulation and supports aching muscles and joints. Similarly to Lavender, this sweet scented essential oil is good for the skin and is frequently used to help with arthritis. Eucalyptus has a fruity scent and is the aromatherapy of choice for those looking for a release from congestion.

Rosemary is an uplifting and energizing essential oil. It promotes stress relief, pain relief and boosts the immune system. The strong herbaceous scent helps with anxiety and mental relief. Rosemary is the perfect essential oil for those with a lot on their mind — give yourself a mental boost by choosing this oil.

Lemongrass is an essential oil that acts as an antidepressant — boosting self-esteem while uplifting spirits. Along with building mental strength, it improves eyesight, digestion and aides in reducing pain and inflammation. The slightly bitter lemon scent makes this essential oil the option for anyone that needs a little boost of positivity.

Peppermint is a fresh and purifying oil that enhances energy levels and stimulates the mind. It aids with memory and mental performance and has a cooling effect on the skin. Peppermint has a sharp, intense scent and like Eucalyptus is beneficial for those suffering from arthritis. This essential oil is a stronger aroma and would be the right choice for those carrying most of their stresses in their upper body.

The AromaStone Massage is one that not only relaxes but also rejuvenates. If you are not sure which essential oil is best suited for you, our talented massage therapists are available to help with making a decision. Let Serenity by the sea Spa take away your troubles with the powerful scents of essential oils.